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About Us

Zimmara's current activities are book sales to schools, management of and consulting services for author events, and corporate sales. 

Zimmara approaches every author event or series of events with an objective of contributing to an event which is seamless for the event's sponsors, hosts, and authors. We are experienced in and committed to accommodating clients' parameters and concerns, at an array of event sites (institutions, conferences, clubs, and private homes.)  Event services range from book ordering and sales for client-managed events to fuller, fee-based participation or leadership in planning and managing events.

Zimmara's corporate sales programs offer institutional and business clients exceptional service as they purchase cartographic products at competitive costs.  Product categories include atlases as well as books and maps for selected local and international destinations.  Efforts on behalf of customers extend beyond ordering and delivery. Zimmara provides analysis regarding alternative products' content, availability, and options for customization (i.e. branded, embossed world atlases.)

Harriet B. Carrier founded Zimmara in 2011.  She previously coordinated marketing and events for The Globe Corner Bookstores. The store's Adventure Travel Lecture Series presented a remarkable range of international travel writers, naturalists, outdoor adventures, and photographers.  Among the series more recent events, evenings with writers and photographers - and the men and women they profiled (local farmers and shipbuilders) were notable in celebrating what is wonderfully unique about every region.  Harriet's prior consulting and working for financial institutions adds complementary business and management experience.

Zimmara is named for a mountain in Sicily.  A day hike to Zimmara's peak offered views of abandoned farm buildings, grazing sheep, and nearby mountains - prompting thoughts of earlier times and new adventures.  The rare opportunity to hike for hours without seeing anyone else was memorable.