Corporate & Institutional Sales ~ Author Events

Zimmara's current services are book sales, management of and consulting services for author events, and corporate sales.

Corporate & Institutional Sales

Zimmara offers comprehensive services for customers’ book and map requirements, starting at the point of a customer’s inquiry.  Zimmara's goal is to insure delivery of every order on time, with competitive pricing.  

For most inquiries, Zimmara researches and presents product, pricing, and delivery alternatives prior to placement of a customer’s order.  Once an order is placed,  Zimmara “ takes charge”  - monitoring a vendor’s order processing, tracking delivery, and resolving any delivery or product problems.  In both complex orders and those for a specific book or map, Zimmara’s provides value as its assumes all logistical responsibilities.

Zimmara's relationships with publishers and distributors are a key factor for expedited order processing and higher discounts.  Discounts increase with higher unit volumes.  When orders involve multiple vendors, Zimmara’s single billing streamlines a customer’s payment process.

Special, Subsidized Pricing for Public Schools and Non-Profits

Zimmara’s is committed to providing unusually high discounts to public schools (El-Hi) and non-profits, in recognition of their financial constraints and service to their communities.  Discounts deepen as order unit counts increase! 

Zimmara offers full order services to public schools and non-profits, as outlined above (see Corporate and Institutional Sales) 
Author Events Consulting

Zimmara provides logistical support and advice for successful book sales at author events held in corporate and institutional settings, at private clubs and homes, and in restaurants. If Zimmara’s expertise in the planning for an author event would be advantageous, please contact us as promptly as possible after an event is scheduled.  Zimmara can be of assistance in meeting authors’ and publishers’ sales expectations, as well as programming and/or promotion.  Zimmara is pleased to order books for author events, even when it is not involved in on-site sales.